Monday, November 3, 2008

It's time

....8 years after Anthony Scalia whored out his principles and his good name to put an unworthy man in an office he was unqualified for.

....7 years after the world changed in a tower of dust and smoke

....5 years after a war founded on lies, hypocrisy and wishful thinking

....4 years after a skinny kid with a funny name had me standing on my feet in my living room, screaming and gasping for breath.

....2 years after my state turned blue for the first time since the nineteenth century

....It's time.

This country has not always been as good as its promise. But its promise has been the light and hope and wonder of the world for generations. And when it has even touched the edge of that promise it has accomplished the greatest things the world has ever seen.

...It's time.

"Not by the color of their skin", the man said, "but by the content of their charcter." Comes now a man of grace and dignity, humor and gravitas, humility and brilliance -- what matters the color of his skin?

...It's time.

...7 hours after my fellow Granite staters gave Obama his first wins

...It's time

...45 minutes before I leave to go to the local school to stand in line to vote...

It is so completely TIME

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!

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